Cass Tyler's Magazine Rack

  1. ACM Portal The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) portal. It includes a link to the ACM Digital Library which includes the full text of every article ever published by the ACM.

  2. Byte Magazine User, programmer and system manager level information including articles and reviews.

  3. c/net "Technology news and business reports." This is a technology news source.

  4. Circuit Cellar "Practical, hands-on applications and solutions for embedded-control designers." This is more of a home hobbist and enthusiast magazine for embedded-control that focuses on projects.

  5. CommsDesign "Online resources for comms design engineers."

  6. COMPUTERWORLD "News, Education & Headlines - Security, Storage & Networking - Information on Hardware, Software for Laptops & Desktops."

  7. Control Engineering "Covering control, instrumentation and automation systems worldwide."

  8. CoolingZone "The Global Portal for Thermal Management of Electronics."

  9. COTS Journal Online This is the "Commercial Off The Shelf" Magazine's online edition and provides access to pdf versions of the articles.

  10. Dr. Dobb's Embedded Systems This version specifically addresses embedded systems issues.

  11. Dr. Dobb's Journal "Software Tools for the Professional Programmer."

  12. "The design source for electronics engineers and managers worldwide."

  13. Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library "The Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and Computing." This is a reference site with links to lots of other information.

  14. EE Times "The Industry Source for Engineers and Technical Managers Worldwide." This is an excellent source of chip and component level information, as well as emerging technologies and engineering tips.

  15. ElectronicsTalk "News for Electronics Engineers worldwide ... update daily."

  16. Embedded Systems Design Information for embedded systems programming and development.

  17. Embedded Linux Journal "Published between November 2000 and May 2002, Embedded Linux Journal (ELJ) focused on the use of Linux in embedded systems. This archive within the Linux Journal web site contains all articles from the print edition as well as press releases and information on contests sponsored by ELJ."

  18. EPE Magazine "Everyday Practical Electronics." Includes a lot of Arizona Microchip PIC projects.

  19. Extreme Tech "Deep technology for enthusiasts and professionals."

  20. E-Zine of Computer Controlled Systems "Products, Vendors, News, Jobs, Books, FAQs, Polls, Technical Info." Good PC/104 Information Source

  21. iApplianceWeb Internet Appliance Website.

  22. InfoWorld This is a leading source of information for IT professionals and offers great insite into "Fortune 500" style computing. It also offers insite into current and future developments.

  23. "The Embedded Linux Resource." These are the guys that show the Linux wristwatch, and they are an excellent source of Embedded Linux news.

  24. Linux Gazette "...making Linux just a little more fun!"

  25. Linux Journal "Since 1994: The Original Monthly Magazine of the Linux Community."

  26. Machine Design "The Design Engineer's in-depth resource for 75 years."

  27. Managing Automation "Technology Solutions for Progressive Manufacturers."

  28. Microwaves & RF "Trusted resource for the working RF engineer."

  29. Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine "COTS, Mil Specs, Cotscon."

  30. Military Embedded Systems "The COTS Technology Authority."

  31. PC/104 Embedded Solutions "The Journal of Small Embedded Form Factors."

  32. Sensors Online Sensors Magazine online edition.

  33. Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine "For Hobby Electronics, Computing, Kits and Projects." Australian.

  34. "News for nerds, stuff that matters" Developer stuff. Mostly Linux.

  35. Test and Measurement World "Test & Measurement World covers the electronics testing industry, providing how-to information for engineers who test, measure, and inspect electronic devices, components, and systems."

  36. Thomas Net Industrial News Room "The complete source for the latest industrial news solutions."

  37. Tom's Hardware Guide This site provides technical information about the latest PC hardware. Good reference source.

  38. Wired News "The World of Technology." Interesting magazine.

  39. ZDNet - Information Resources for IT Professionals PC technology news and information.

Reference Sources

  1. CiteSeer "Scientific Literature Digital Library." This is an excellent source of scientific papers.

  2. DACS "The Data & Analysis Center for Software. The DACS is a Department of Defense (DoD) Information Analysis Center (IAC). The DACS has been designated as the DoD Software Information Clearing house serving as an authoritative source for state-of-the-art software information providing technical support for the software community."

  3. Linux Online "Our web site is designed to act as a central source of Linux information and as a voice for the promotion and advocacy of the Linux operating system."

  4. mathworld "The web's most extensive mathematics resource." From Wolfram Research, the makers of Mathematica.

  5. Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Atlases, etc.

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