Networked Client/Server Implementations

Items get into the Client/Server category if they demonstrate network Distributed Control System techniques. I will try to explain what each of the following demonstrates as part of it's bullet listing.

Each of the Client/Server systems listed below uses a Request/Response scheme for the message communications scheme. EVERY request returns a response, even if it is only "Ok". All commands and virtually all responses are implemented as ascii text. This makes it easier to remember the request format and to understand the associated responsee.

Many, if not most, distributed control systems are implemented on a dedicated, closed, physically secure network that is not accessible from the internet (guess why!). Because some networks cannot be closed, there is a need for an encrypted version (that can run over WIFI for example). Encryption uses resources and takes time so you may prefer using the TCP/IP or the UDP versions of the code instead:

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Last updated: Tuesday, February 1, 2011