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Welcome to what I hope will become a source of information pertinent to folks interested in data acquisition and process control.


I have recently retired from the field after having enjoyed more than 30 years of being able to look forward to going to work each day (we spend more than half of our waking lives at work so it was important to me to be doing something that I enjoyed).

I wrote my first program back in 1966 on punch cards using Fortran IV on an IBM 360 Model 44. My first process control job used a 16-bit ModComp with 64k words (128k bytes) of memory and 40 megabytes of hard drive. My biggest industrial process control job was the Central Gas Facility in Prudhoe Bay Alaska. My last few years have mostly been with government contractors working on embedded systems.

During my career I have taken advantage of code and algorithms that were graciously shared by others. I believe I have an obligation to share back with others the things that I have learned during my career. Therefore, the major thrust of this site will be to share tidbits of code and knowledge with you that are related to data acquisition and process control.

My first efforts will be to get information out. Organizing it and making it pretty can come later. I appreciate your patience during this process.


Cass Tyler